An emerging leader in Marine Consultancy field specializing in Marine Inspections and Audits.

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We have a vast pool of about 100+ professional marine consultants located across the globe.

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A shore team of 9 people supporting our marine consultants.

100+ Consultants
500+ assignments annually
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SIRE Inspections

AMVIGAS LIMITED has a pool of OCIMF-SIRE accredited ship inspectors certified for Category 1 inspections of Oil tankers, Chemical tankers, LPG and LNG vessels. Through our vast pool of inspectors located strategically across the globe, we are in a position to provide global coverage across all continents, while also being able to optimize on travel and logistical expenses.

TMSA audits

AMVIGAS LIMITED conducts TMSA audits on behalf of OCIMF submitting members. We can assist operators to set up their TMSA programme as well as reviewing their TMSA rating and their improvement. It helps to drive up the standards of safety management systems, leading to fewer Incidents.

STS audits

AMVIGAS LIMITED conducts Audit of STS Service Providers on behalf of Charterers and Oil companies. Our auditing scheme are based on OCIMF Guidelines, applicable regulations, and relevant industry standards. Our Audit process provides for on-site operational assessment as well as service provider office & procedural assessment. Additionally, the process is not limited to a simple review of the Ship-to-Ship Service Provider Management and Self-Assessment system, records and equipment; it evaluates the human factors to ensure safety and environmental protection during STS operations.

STS safety advisor services

AMVIGAS LIMITED provide experienced STS safety advisor services for our clients. STS Safety Advisors are responsible for providing oversight through an advisory role to ensure a safe and efficient STS operations.

Marine Terminal (MTMSA) audits / MTAP site verification visits

The Marine Terminal Management and Self Assessment (MTMSA) provides best practice and key performance indicators against which terminal operators can assess the effectiveness of their management systems for berth operations and the ship-to-shore interface. Marine Terminal Assessor Program (MTAP) helps to verify that their management systems are comprehensive and promote safety and environmental excellence, with the intention of minimising risk in the execution of their operations and providing the ability to measure and continuously improve their management systems.

AMVIGAS LIMITED assessment process helps terminal operators to:

  • Identify gaps.
  • Plan future improvement.
  • Build a sustainable business for the longer-term.

Specialized advisory services for Marine Projects & Operations (including floating storages)

Specialized advisory services for Marine Projects and Operations (including floating storages).
We provide specialized services to assist towards feasibility studies, conceptualization and implementation of Marine Projects and Operations like :

  • Floating Storages
  • Marine Terminal operational gap-analysis and efficiency enhancement
  • Data centralization and analytics in port operations
  • Development and implementation of Marine Assurance programs & Vetting guidelines for Oil Companies and Chartering organization.

Developing & implementing Human Element focus program

AMVIGAS LIMITED assists in development and implementation of human element focus program in marine operations and ship management processes, which demonstrate how hazards are identified / quantified, and how the associated risks are managed. We also provide for human element workshops to focus on human elements, strengthen the human assets and build upon the company culture.

Customized solutions to Clients business needs

AMVIGAS LIMITED also design and conduct various other services to suit our customer demands. Some of the projects includes the following:

  • Perform Terminal/Ship Compatibility analysis – LNG vessels
  • Gap analysis and optimization tools to enhance process efficiencies in marine operations
  • Training programs associated with Marine Risk Management
  • Building database and technological tools for Marine Vetting, Operations and Assurance programs

Whom Do We Serve

Our Growing Clientele

Our Growing List Of Clients Include OCIMF Members Like:

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Numerical strength

  • Our Inspection Pool consists of about 100+ marine consultants and 9 shore support staff.

Professional expertise

  • We collectively have more than 400 years of professional experience within our pool.

  • We have been conducting more than 500 SIRE inspections annually and numerous TMSA, STS & Marine Terminal audits on behalf of various clients worldwide.

Excellent HSE records

  • We take professional pride in our excellent HSE records, with ZERO accidents till date

Reliable Global coverage

  • Across all continents (Asia, Australia, Middle-East, Europe, North America, South America and Africa)

  • Due to our vast network of Consultants, we are able to provide robust and reliable coverage.

  • We are able to mobilize resources at shorter notice as compared to our other service providers, and our coverage

Customer Satisfaction

  • We provide customized solutions to various Clients needs

  • We are committed to our goal of providing service of highest standards at optimum cost

Cost Optimization

  • Due to our consultants located strategically across the globe, our services deliverances are at significantly lower logistical costs

  • We are highly cost effective due covering assignments with reduced travel and waiting time

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